Great dishes

  • Baked Apple Villa Pancake

    Our famous oven-baked pancake with fresh, crisp granny smith apples and pure cinnamon glaze will give you a taste bud explosion!! - try it with semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels for additional cost - ala mode with premium vanilla ice cream

  • The Dutchess

    our oven baked dutch pancake filled with fresh broccoli, onion, tomato and mushrooms topped with havarti cheese

  • Baked Banana Nut

    our oven-baked pancake with fresh ripe bananas, georgia pecans and pure cinnamon glaze, dusted with powdered sugar - try it with semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels for additional cost

  • German Pancake

    this plate filling oven pancake is our own special batter dusted with powdered sugar and served with fresh lemon on the side- add some fresh strawberries and bananas for

  • The Dutch Baby

    Jr. version of the german pancake for smaller sized appetites - strawberries and bananas for additional cost.

  • Buttermilk Cakes

    old fashioned buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter and syrup; pick a fruit: fresh blueberry, fresh cinnamon apple, fresh bananas or cherries kijafa for additional cost

  • Chocolate Chip Cakes

    Rich semi sweet chocolate chips mixed inside and out.

  • Crisp Bacon Cakes

    Crisp bacon in our batter topped with more bacon (no powdered sugar).

  • Fresh Strawberry Cakes

    Fresh juicy sweet strawberries topped with fresh whipped cream.

  • Georgia Pecan Cakes

    Georgia pecans inside and out; add fresh bananas for additional cost.

  • Homemade Potato Cakes

    We use only premium Idaho potatoes served with apple sauce or sour cream (no powdered sugar).

  • Pigs in a Blanket

    Warm buttermilk cakes around farm style sausage links.

  • Buck Wheat

    A mound of great flavored buckwheat pancakes (no powdered sugar).

  • Silver Dollar

    These petite pancakes are fun for the kid in all of us.

  • cinnaswirl pancakes

    Cinnamon swirl infused cakes, drizzled with cream cheese frosting

  • Apple Streusel Cakes

    Cinnamon apple compote, streusel with cream cheese frosting.

  • Rocky Road Cakes

    Nutella, pecans, marshamallow creme and caramel

  • Oreo S'mores Cakes

    Oreo pieces, marshmallow creme, with chocolate hazelnut drizzle

  • Gluten free cakes

    served with warm syrup and whipped butter