Frequently Asked Questions about our take n bake pancakes


  • How many people does the 16oz. Pancake serve?  2-3 adults
  • How many people does the 32oz. pancake serve? 3-4 adults
  • What type of apples are used in apple pancake?  Fresh crisp Granny Smith apples
  • I have a nut allergy, can I still eat the apple pancake?  Unfortunately, our Apple pancakes are manufactured in a facility that may also use tree nuts, soy, wheat and milk
  • How long can I store product frozen?  Up to 1 year in a (zero degree or below) freezer
  • Can I cook product in a microwave?  For best results we suggest to always bake the frozen pancakes in an oven, but you may reheat a cooked pancake once it has been cooked in an oven
  • How long may I store COOKED pancake in refrigerator?  Store pancake in refrigerator up to one week
  • What ingredients will I find in the frozen pancakes?  fresh cracked eggs, heavy cream, flour (Unbleached wheat flour, malted barley flour) powdered sugar, salt, water butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and non fat dry milk are some of our natural ingredients.  Please consult our packaging for a complete list of ingredients.
  • Do I need to prepare the pancake before baking?  No preparations are needed just remove packaging and leave ingredients in foil baking pan
  • Where is Apple Villa located?  Batavia, IL and Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Is Apple Villa  a chain?  Apple Villa is a family owned business that has been in business for 10 years+
  • Where can I purchase your famous pancakes? Check the your local grocer's freezer section
  • Is the apple pancake the only flavor you have? We carry 3 delicious flavors.  Apple, Pecan and CranberryApple.

Cooking Instructions for Frozen Apple Pancake - For best results:

  1. Pre-heat a conventional oven to 375 degrees. 
  2. Allow pancake to thaw at room temperature for 15-45 minutes or you can thaw pancake overnight in refrigerator for best results.
  3. Remove pancake from package and then remove tamper proof film and lid but leave in baking tin. Bake Apple Pancake in the tin for 35 to 45 (16oz. size-7") 55-60 (32oz. size-9") minutes on middle rack until pancake rises and turns golden brown in the center (cooking time  is shorter when using a convection oven).   Pancake is done when you insert a toothpick in the center comes out clean. 
  4. We recommend letting the pancake cool for 5 minutes then place a platter over the top and carefully flip pancake onto platter using oven mitts.
  5. Baking times may vary. (Do not microwave)
  6. You be the chef....Half way through bake time you may add your own special ingredients for your own special pancake.  i.e.: chocolate chips, dried fruits, fresh fruits, bacon bits, cream cheese chunks, marshmallows.....etc.
  7. Now you can bake your pancakes "on the grill" preheat your grill to 375F.  Our pancakes bake upside down in the pan so please do not place directly over open flame.  i.e. If your grill has three burners then set the outside burners between "low" and "med" and the center burner should be set to the "off" position.  Remove all packaging and place the pancake on the center of the grill and close grill cover.  Set your timer to 35-45min. depending on how long you thawed out the pancake.  Keep the lid closed during baking of the pancake to keep grill at 375F.  Baking times vary by grill! You are looking for a golden brown center and a toothpick inserted in the middle to come out clean.  Let pancake rest 5 min. and flip the pancake on to a plate and serve.